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LED lighting market will have a promising “monetar

LED lighting market will have a promising “monetary future” in 2014


China's semiconductor lighting industry is rising up as a whole in 2013, it reached 257.6 billion yuan in overall scale, and compared to 2012, it has a increase of 34%. The LED general lighting market has a strong start to become the biggest driving forc. According to authoritative survey shows, China's domestic production of LED lighting products have reached more than 810 million and 400 million monthly for domestic sales, LED lighting market penetration rate has arrived at 8.9%. Exports doubled compared to 2012 and reached 410 million. Export value also increased by 71% compared to 2012, reaching $ 5.5 billion. In 2014,China LED industry will continue the upward trend in 2013, continued to maintain rapid growth, the growth rate is expected to reach about 40%. The demand for LED lighting of many research institutions in the whole world is optimistic. Foreign UBS Securities predict that the global LED lighting demand will surge 60% in 2014, in which the growth of the largest home lighting, will be greatly increased 90%. Undoubtedly, the good news will like the tonic for the development of LED business in 2014. Incandescent exit the U.S. market.

At the beginning of the January 1, 2014, inefficient incandescent will completely withdraw from the U.S. market, 40-watt and 60-watt incandescent will eventually stop to product. To some extent, this is equivalent to government intervention in the lighting market; consumers were eliminated before the end of the incandescent.

Many countries and regions in the world have also been introduced phasing out incandescent policies and regulations, the EU, Japan, equal to a total ban on the use of incandescent lamps by 2012, the United States and Canada from 2012-2014.

Phasing out most incandescent lamps, in November 2011, country issued a "China to phase out incandescent roadmap" is expected in 2016 after the general lighting incandescent general lighting will exit the domestic market.

From 2013 China LED lighting exporter of view, where the EU is the largest export market of LED lighting, accounting for 28%, North America is the second market, accounting for more than 18%. As can be seen, the exit of LED incandescent is undoubtedly good news for the development of the largest markets.

There are more and more energy-conscious consumers.

The requirements of current energy saving continue to improve the situation, the current hotels, shopping malls and other commercial establishments recognition and acceptance of LED lighting is very high. According to president Wang, the Huaqiang LED total trade center tenants introduced in Hong Kong this year Wal-Mart will transform all mall lighting, LED lamps are used in his supply.

Next, government agencies, offices and other follow-up will be the next generation of LED lighting groups. And now ,people buy refurbished ages 80,90 gradual transition to its ideal home decorative lights energy-saving need to enjoy beautiful, practical, personalized features such as, LED lighting simple structure, fine workmanship, bright colors, is the most able to meet more than demand in lighting. This part of the population will become the largest consumer group of LED lamps, there are more and more energy-conscious consumers, LED prospects immeasurable.

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